What We Do

Our efforts to improve community health are centered around three main goals: listening to patients, connecting patients to other local organizations, and taking a community-specific approach to both preventative care and health education. 

Patient Advisory Board

At each health center in which we operate, the Foundation establishes a Patient Advisory Board to ensure that the services offered are aligned with the local community’s needs. Area residents provide insights into their experience as patients, share their ideas for improvements, and collaborate to shape the future of healthcare in their community.

Patient Navigator Referral Networks

We develop referral networks that help healthcare providers easily connect patients with local advocates, agencies and nonprofits. Powered by a convenient online tool and staffed by an assigned Patient Navigator, these networks help patients to successfully identify, understand and utilize services that can improve their health.

Community-Focused Offerings

We work with local physicians to identify existing gaps in health and wellness education. We then partner with nearby businesses, nonprofits and service providers to offer new educational opportunities that fulfill those needs. Programs range from healthy cooking demonstrations and addiction support to preventative care education and health screenings.