Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board

By Elko, For Elko

Each community is unique, and no one knows more about what a community needs than the people who live there. The Community Advisory Board is a volunteer group of Elko residents advocating for the health of their neighbors and surrounding communities.

Our Community Advisory Board shapes the services and programs that CHDF offers in Elko. Board members provide input on CHDF’s current offerings, suggest important health topics for new classes and programs, and share their health experiences as patients and community members.

Community Board feedback is a key element of CHDF’s programming. We design our programming based on the experience and community knowledge of our board members, keeping the unique needs of Elko at the heart of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is the Advisory Board?

The Community Advisory Board has no fixed size. Our current board has 11 members.

Who Can be an Advisory Board Member?

Anyone from the greater Elko area, including Elko, White Pine, and Eureka counties, is welcome to serve on our Community Advisory Board.

How Long do Advisory Board Members Serve?

There is no set time for participation on the Community Advisory Board, but we encourage those with an interest in serving long-term, to promote continuity and stability in our Board and services.

How Much Time Does Advisory Board Membership Take?

We know that all of our Community Advisory Board members have busy lives. The Community Advisory Board meets monthly, and the total time commitment for serving on the Advisory Board should add up to no more than an hour a week.

Joining the Advisory Board
To apply for membership on our advisory board, contact our patient navigator at