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We’re on a mission to create wellness resources and improve health outcomes in Elko – and in communities like yours across the country.

About Community Health Development Foundation


The Community Health Development Foundation creates health and wellness opportunities for rural and underserved communities across the western United States. We believe that individuals and communities are the experts on their own health needs, and create programs that honor and support that expertise, developing wellness solutions that put people first.

We believe that health impacts every part of a person’s life, and that health is just as much about meeting social and preventative care needs as it is about treating illness. Consequently, CHDF seeks to equip communities with the resources they need to fulfill their residents’ needs and improve health outcomes overall.

Each community’s unique culture, demographics, and health landscape guides CHDF’s work, bringing greatest benefit to the most people. We partner with local organizations to provide additional resources, supporting other non-profits and business to meet their community health goals.

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About the Community Room


Elko Community Health Development Foundation operates out of designated community space in Elko Community Health Center, an ambulatory surgical center built and operated by our partner organization Community Health Development Partners. The community space includes our Resource Connection office and a designated community room for hosting CHDF’s classes and events.

In addition to hosting CHDF activities, we offer our community room to other organizations and non-profits for health, wellness, and community-related programming. For inquiries, contact

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